Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hair Club for Men

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., speaks at a rally at James Madison University Convocation Center in Harrisonburg, Va., Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2008. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Anne Schroeder at Politico made a good catch (finally)! It's a list of grooming suggestions for all the boys in the current election cycle from one of those elitist DC salons for mens, and there are some good ones. Usually this blog is all about the gals, so this is a welcome relief.

For one thing, I totally agree that Obama's gray has absolutely GOT to go once he's elected and no longer needs to look "distinguished." Will it happen? Stay tuned. On the other hand, their suggestion that he should make himself look smarter by wearing glasses is simply retarded. Can you imagine the reaction if he suddenly started sporting frames? Please. So phony.

Biden doesn't get a good report, not surprisingly. They suggest skipping the ties (as he's been doing lately, see below) or at least updating them to recent decades. And his hair? Well... gosh. They actually let him off easy by not mentioning the transplants, but point out that there's simply too much of it. Personally, the beauty tip I would give to Biden, a perfectly good-looking guy, is to do less of this:

Democratic vice presidential candidate, Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., speaks a rally at the Dancing Horse Farm in Ocala, Fla., Tues., Oct. 28, 2008. (AP Photo/Phil Sandlin)

But hey, he's not wearing a tie, so baby steps, people!

Todd Palin is mentioned for some reason; they want him to take off the goatee, and, well... I'm sorry, but I think facial hair on men should be compulsory, so I'm not going to get behind that. They also finger him (Whoops! Sorry.) as a hair product abuser.

And, of course, Walnuts. They recommend fake tan (ew), loosing the hair-swirl and, most hilariously, taming his "eyebrows of mass destruction." I would like to add that this look doesn't work well for him:

Wheeee! ANY excuse to use that picture is a good excuse.

Anyway! It's fun! Here's the PDF.


Anonymous said...

I've given thought to the presidential gray thing. Both Clinton and Bush - not surprisingly, based on stress and chronology - became significantly grayer within a year or so of taking office. It made them both look significantly less like whipper-snappers (particularly Bill).

I think it would continue to contribute to Barack's gravitas if he kept it gray. Also, for hair that short and of that texture, dyeing carries dangers of its own. Remember how obvious Reagan's dye job was? And his hair was long and fine enough to conceal the scalp and even bounce a bit.

In these dangerous times we can't afford to have our commander-in-chief sporting a obviously dyed pate.

Glennis said...

I'm just so sad this happened at the third debate, so late in the game. We really didn't a chance to make the most of this picture.

Anonymous said...

Poor Obama is gonna be bald soon, isn't he?

Peteykins said...

Hmm, I don't think so. I don't recall seeing any thinning. What makes you think that?

Anonymous said...

Just anybody would lose all their hair if they got followed around all the time by tongue-lolling swamp thing.

Princess you make me laugh every time but I really will blame you if the next president is bald.

Anonymous said...

(sorry forgot to sign in before, Princess)

I dunno, really. I just saw a few pix at certain angles lookin' down on his noggin and it appears that his hair is thinning.

I hope I'm wrong!

Anonymous said...

desert wind, with a clipper cut one need not have thinning hair for the scalp to show. Besides, Obama's in his later 40s, a time by which pattern balding has usually slowed down considerably. Most men who lose their hair lose most of it in their 20s-30s. He's got no receding hair line and no tonsure, so I think he's safe for life.

I on the other hand... if mine fell out more I could go for the Patrick Stewart look. As it is I have just enough on top to make it a fashion pain-in-the-ass. Too much to shave, not enough to control. Kinda like Biden.

dguzman said...

I can't agree enough on the gray thing--use Grecian Formula or something! Something must be done!

Beacongal said...

Grow up, boys and girls. Gray hair is back in style. We've got a financial meltdown on our hands. We need grown-ups in office. And I'd rather have my gray-haired grown-up in the White House be Barack Obama than John McCain. Gray is good, my friends!