Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blue Moon


OK, so if everyone in Europe totally hearts Obama, then what's up with the rude blue person? SEE? Even the blue states are turning on him! Oh noes!


whatdafuq said...

Angela is wearing green! She must
not have gotten the memo. Tsk, tsk.

Karen Zipdrive said...

What are you talking about, Pony?

Anonymous said...

What picture are you looking at, Karen?

Don't you see the big blue smile just off his shoulder?

Karen Zipdrive said...

No, I see a blue & tan ass.
And it's not a state.
Or rude.
Or smiling.
I just don't get it.

A. Diderot said...

I am reminded of John Ashcroft who covered the statue of Justice with a shroud because her naked breast showed near his head during press conferences. Our dear Obama has no such hang ups. Breasts, bums, he could look cool standing next to Larry Craig and Florida.

Anonymous said...

Karen is apparently one of those people who has abandon the acute sense of the funny of bums, which most of us acquire as a toddler and never quite let go of.

dguzman said...

Merkel looked positively giddy yesterday in a news clip, leading Obama around. She was probably just relieved that he wasn't invading her personal space and trying to feel her up, a la Chimpy.

Anonymous said...

OH! I get it--the blue guy is showing Obama his ass!
Something must be wrong with me. All I saw was Merkel and Obama standing in front of an abstract painting.
And being from Texas, I should have seen the big blue ass first and become immediately outraged.

Diane Griffin said...

Y'know, Americans sure can be immature.

Anonymous said...

yea, Duane. We sure are. We're proto-citizens of the world,
unlike our mature (socially and civilizationally) euro-counterparts.

Gosh, if we could only be more like the Europeans. We'd be mature and
people would like us!

(yea, europe!)

Oh woe on our immature selves. Join me in some verbal self-flagellation.
We're so immature. Gosh o'golly. Oh woe, sigh, oh woe.

Muscato said...

Drew - "the funny of bums"! This may be my favorite phrase of the week. If not longer. It sounds like the lost semi-erotic David Leavitt novella.

Anonymous said...

Muscato - I wish I could take full credit. I was riffing off a comment that old-time Fark photomangler Method made, and that has stuck with me oh these many years: "The funny of monkeys never diminishes." It seemed to be a transferable property in the case of bums.

Distributorcap said...

i want to know
where is Angela's massage?

Anonymous said...

Miss Pony, I hate to carp but I'm tired of seeing this blue guy's square butt.
Please post something new--we who have no real lives depend on you.

Steve said...

Blue Moon, you left me standing alone,
Without a Merkel my own,
Without a glove on my hand......