Thursday, January 10, 2008

Photoblogging: Sculpture Prophylactics

All photos may be clicked for larger versions.

One of my favorite things at my job is to occasionally see artworks in unusual or unexpected contexts. Our maintenance crews are currently cleaning several areas of the marble interior of Mr. Pei's East Building, and while they do so, some of the large sculptures are carefully (if inelegantly) protected from the consequential dust and cleaning product residues. The results seem like new, exciting artworks. Above is Max Ernst's wonderful Capricorn. Here's the best shot, maybe one of the most mysterious photos I've ever taken:

Pulling back for context:

And here's Isamu Noguchi's Great Rock of Inner Seeking:

And before anybody says anything, yes, I've heard of Christo.


Andrew R said...

Here's one I took before an unveiling at the Missouri Botanical Garden in Saint Louis.


Peteykins said...

Wow! Very cool. Now that really does look like a Christo.

Anonymous said...

Oh PSP, once I again I have to regret that we are both queer as chicken's teeth.
You are too cool, seeing those wrapped sculptures as new art.
If you lived in Texas, I'd want you to be my fake boyfriend for those social occasions that demand it.

Diane Griffin said...

I do like the Ernst obscured like that.

Matthew Hubbard said...

I'm keen on the big wrapped rock.

Glad to see your institution is practicing safe sculpture techniques.

Anonymous said...

Having had Christo and Jean Claude speak at the college class graduation the year before mine -- I have to say DON'T FORGET HIS WIFE. Just like the art world to give the man all the credit.