Friday, December 07, 2007


Have you heard? Howard "Cookie" Krongard, Condi's guy who was in charge of looking the other way when Blackwater killed people, has resigned! You could even say he... wait for it... crumbled.

Or, as TPM Muckraker put it, "CRUMBLED: State Department IG Cookie Krongard Resigns".
Rolling Stone? "That’s the Way ‘Cookie’ Crumbles".
McClatchy Newspapers: Cookie's "position crumbled at a hearing of the House panel last month."
Mother Jones: "How Cookie Crumbled".
Honorable mention to Dana Milbank for being the first: "Cookie's credibility crumbled."
News Observer: "Cookie Crumbles".

You get the idea. It is hard to resist! But resist it we must! How many more will fall prey to its siren-like call?


Jennifer Rouan said...

Let me try. "You can't bake cookies without a stick of butter!"

Hmm. Not quite.

Anonymous said...

brilliant photoshop!!!

Distributorcap said...

resistance is futile

Anonymous said...

Crumble was the inevitable verb, since he was more than half baked.

Anonymous said...

What no: "Cookie's Monster Problem"? For shame.

samael7 said...

Anyone voluntarily using the nickname "Cookie" deserves every crumble coming to him.