Thursday, May 03, 2007

Quickie: I Swear to God it Wasn't Me!

From one of The Washington Post's 20,000 blogs:

Tabard Inn owner Jeremiah Cohen stared at the conspicuously empty space on the wall of a stairwell near the bar of his restaurant Tuesday afternoon and thought to himself: Who done it?

The crime: A thank-you letter penned by war protestor Cindy Sheehan is missing, its empty frame thrown behind a radiator at the bottom of the stairwell near the loos.

Cohen is so frustrated by the theft of his cherished anti-war memento that he's offering a reward. He wants information that will lead him to his No. 1 suspect: An unidentified woman, about 60, wearing an "I LOVE CONDI" button and who told at least two Tabard employees that she was from Texas.

A swish of the combable tail to DCist! I didn't know you cared!


Anonymous said...

I believe you are more influential than you realize, princess. Except for myself, I believe that your readership are only the most thoughtful and forward-looking individuals on the planet.

Anonymous said...

Those evil Texans! We should demand passports and tag them with id chips.

So after you dumped the disguise in the dumpster, where did you stash the letter?

Anonymous said...

Texan KarenZipdrive here...

Some of us *have* to be here in Texas to report back to the rest of the world the dastardly deeds perpetrated by carpetbagging Connecticutters such as George W. Boosh.
You think Condi is a Texan? Nay, she is a native of Birmingham, Alabama.
Dick? Wyoming.
Rove? Denver.
So, do me a favor and quit humping Texas' leg.
We can't help it that we attract these sons of bitches. It's the barbecue.

Diane Griffin said...

Nah, I think it's the petroleum...