Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Story Time

Ah yes, that was the scene yesterday at the White House: Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne, on top of the Bush Administration's short list of the so-far unshamed, reading an important message to America's children. (Original photo at www.whitehouse.gov.)


Matthew Hubbard said...

Think how the children must have squealed with delight.

"Now boys and girls, the Secretary of the Interior is going to read us a story, so I want you to pay attention!"

"Um... um... Ms. Johnson? Does this mean we get to go inside? It's cold."

"Ooh... ooh... Ms. Johnson! Ooh! My daddy has a secretary, but mommy doesn't like her!"

"Um... um... um... Ms. Johnson! Remember last week... when we talked about good touches and bad touches?"

Karen Zipdrive said...

Don't these Bush jackasses have better things to do than play school with little kids?
This clown in the cowboy boots should be down in New Orleans, shoveling shit off someone's roof.

Anonymous said...

Karen- while I'd ordinarily agree with you, the poor New Orlean-eans have seen enough crap. Let's leave Mr. I-Got-My-Baaad-Boots out of it.

I say let's send him to Gitmo to shovel shit out of someone's tiny inhumane cage ooops I mean cell.

Or to just live in one.

Karen Zipdrive said...

You do have a point.