Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pointing and Laughing

I think I finally found my favorite Republican crybaby response to the midterm elections, from the comment forums at Free Republic, naturally. Is it possible to include every single possible issue and cliché in one tantrum? Yes, yes it is:
The RATS stole the election by lying, cheating and covering up their multitude of sins and corruption with the help of the MSM, the commie Soros groups, and their friends the terrorists who escalated their terror attacks for the benefit of the RAT party immediately before the election, so the RATS could once again lie about the progress that's been made by our troops in Iraq. Now our troops are in more danger than before and we'll all have to suffer with the setbacks that are forthcoming including a stop to any hope there was to close the border. Every working citizen is about to feel the hardship that's about to be forced on us by the immediate rollback in the taxcuts the President implemented which will effect the economy and raise the unemployment figures through the roof. Forget about buying a house, a new car or any of the luxuries we've become accustomed too because the interest rates will be out of reach for most very soon.

Unless we find some way to silence the lies of the MSM and reveal to the public the widespread corruption of the RAT party and make them pay as the Republicans have been made to do, there'll be nothing but dark days and misery ahead. We must find a way to stop them in their tracks before they ruin all our lives and the nation, and since they are experts at every dirty trick in the book this will not be an easy task.
Sweet. Oh, but I take it back: this poor, tortured soul forgot to include our plans for hairdresser re-education camps in every elementary school. Tsk.


Anonymous said...


Sorry not familiar with that one.

Something in the kool-aid no doubt.


Anonymous said...


divageek said...

Wow, talk about projection. Dirty tricks and lies, huh?

Someone's going to miss the Kool-Aid tit.

divageek said...

p.s. hope someone called the Wahhhhhmbulance.

z7q2 said...

I am having a ball watching Fox news this week. You can feel elements of this screed rumbling just below the surface of every second of reporting, even as they grit their teeth and congratulate the Democrats on the win.

It won't last long, though. Hostilities will break out before Thanksgiving.

the Alpha John said...

I already debased myself and got into it with a Rep in the Rants & Raves section on Craigslist. He was spouting off how we're going to open the borders, have DMV Health Care, a Higher Min Wage (which would clearly help the poster), an end to Christmas...blah blah blah. He was really just an uneducated mess.

I pointed out all the positive things this Election gave us:
-No more pagefuckers
-No more homo-hating bisexual evangelists
-No more Rumsfeld (cackle)
-A Democratic House
-A Democratic Senate
-Speaker Nancy Pelosi, your worst nightmare

After we finish making our Pelosi/Byrd porno movies, it's tax increases, gun control, and secular living for everyone! bwahahahaha!

Chris said...

Oh cut the crap! You guys cried like sonsabitches after 2004 AND you bitched and moaned about the voting machines, including the ridiculous Robert F. Kennedy. An entire cottage industry was built around the propsition that Chimpy stole Ohio.

Republicans, on the other hand, took their losses like men (even Macaca decided not to recount) and didn't scream "Diebold!". We'll be back, don't worry.

And not another word from you asshats about Diebold, okay? You won an election fair and square. Now stop your fucking bitching about how elections turn out!

Peteykins said...

Ha ha, Chris, why do you sound so angry, then?

ranndino said...

I hope you caught Stephen Colbert's brilliant mock rant at the end of the election night coverage on the one hour special. It was far more clever than the one you quoted from "Free Republic" (otherwise known as a retard asylum).

ranndino said...

Good ol' Youtube. Here it is.