Thursday, June 29, 2006

UPDATE: Yes, It's the Ty-D-Bol Memorial Fountain

I'm pleased to say that both the Washington Post's Free Ride blog and DCist heard my anguished cry about the suddenly unstylish Navy Memorial Fountain. DCist, bless their heart, actually did some of that reporting stuff all the kids are talking about and received confirmation from the Navy Memorial that, indeed, it's blue-tinted cleaning fluid meant to flush out all the built-up algae. But here's the scary part:
But wait, there's more good news! According to the Memorial spokesperson, the new blue water has gotten such "a great response" that they're thinking about continuing to add that sparkling Ty-D-Bol™ for a while longer. Even though the fountains are now clean, its waters will run blue at least through July 4, if not longer.
Um... no, OK? Please, just... no.


Anonymous said...

Ugh it ruins my morning. The tourons love it though.

Unknown said...

PSP..the great,unwashed masses get to read you too! how wonderful is that?

Christ that looks like shit..and people like it?

Boutros said...

oh HELL no. I have an event planned there in September. They better change that crap.

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least I got a photo out of it. Now I'm just concerned about how much trouble it will be to get all that blue out of all the stone and such.