Monday, May 01, 2006

Monday Audioblogging Interruptus

Never take anything for granted. After digitising the above album and uploading the files, scanning the cover, etc., I discovered that the above 1975 children's album by Jim 'n' Tammy 'n' Friends is truly, madly, deeply available on CD directly from Tammy Faye herself.

I stand by my intention, however, to only feature audio files of recordings which are otherwise unavailable. Sorry about that! I'll have something else up tonight or tomorrow.

EDIT: I should probably say something about this record, one which is well worth ordering from the Mascara Queen. The first side consists of two stories told by Jim and Tammy and their puppetland friends, while the second side holds a slew of short songs. To say that this recording is demented is a gross understatement. The stories have very peculiar musical backing, and honestly sound like Captain Beefheart epics. The short songs, each about one-minute and sung by Tammy Faye in a high, screechy voice meant to represent "Susie Moffet", her pig-faced puppetland alter-ego, inevitably bring The Residents to mind. Seriously!


Unknown said...

I feel the need to be under the influence when I listen to this..I will come back kay? :P

Carmen Sutra said...

Tell us more of this Captain Beefheart of whom you speak, O Sparkly One.

Peteykins said...

Oh, honey... honestly.

Anonymous said...

Did Gary Paxton (former hollywood argyles, "alley oop") produce the album and play on it, perchance?