Saturday, November 05, 2005

Thrown Out with the Bathwater by iTunes

I was thrilled to stumble across the above while clicking around on iTunes this morning, because I did the illustrations and design for this Negativland/Chumbawamba CD back in 1999, as well as creating the "educational bonus" hinted at in the review. But then I realized, well, there goes all that artwork out the window, and what you're left with is 1/11th (!) of my design reduced to a tiny, 170 x 170 pixel square. It made me whistful. Whistful!

Luckily, the real, physical version is still easily available for a mortifyingly low price. Learn how anarchism helped the adorable Roly-Polies, who look suspiciously like Teletubbies (it's all a total coincidence, I swear!), achieve great tasting coffee!


z7q2 said...

Standardization! Standardization. Standardization? Standardization!

Just FYI, after you told me you did the artwork for this album was when I decided you were totally cool and I have to make an effort to keep track of what you are creating. Hell, the best mass-market thing I ever did was designing the bar over the O on the Sprint FONCARD logo. Bleh.

Civic Center said...

I can't keep up with my pop chronology. Were the Teletubbies post or pre 1999? Love the cover, though that brown liquid waste and the lone black bunny are deeply disturbing.

Kaufman said...

Good shit, man. We link to you for various reasons, at the height of which is