Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sparkle Pony Survey! Do You Hate Hairdressers Enough?

AP reports that we've finally got the first extremist group coming boldly out of the closet with their disdain for the hairdresser-lovin' Supreme Court Nominee. And, as usual, the group, the awkwardly-named Public Advocate of the United States, has a peculiar obsession with the light loafer set. Be sure to click on the picture below to see their web site's incredible survey, which dutifully includes such totally-non-loaded questions as this:

Well, duh! I think I can make their survey a ton more fun, though, so click on the picture below and take my revised version:


Anonymous said...

four words -- Hys. Ter. I. Cal.

you made my day, Princess!

David N. Scott said...

Aw... it died when I asked for my score.