Friday, March 06, 2015

Let's Begin Decade Two Of Princess Sparkle Pony By Returning To Its Core Values: Amazing Hairdos

(David Brock on The Ed Show, March 5)

Media Matters founder David Brock has had weird and confounding hair for some time now, but lately! My goodness, lately it's been astounding!

I'm seeing a lot of conservatives making fun of Brock's coiffure... and they're right! About the hairdo, anyway. But this really shows how bad a choice this is for Brock. Is he really unaware of how silly it has become? Isn't there somebody who can tell him? At this point, his bizarre reverse-mullet is actually starting to damage the credibility of his organization. "I wouldn't believe anything a guy of that hair says."


Beychok is the president of Media Matters.


samael7 said...

That is some swept hair. If you needed a picture illustration of "swept," this should do it.

Excellent reporting . . . and photo cropping.

dinthebeast said...

Who are you gonna believe about hairdos, Beychock or Sparkle Pony?

-Doug in Oakland

Comradde PhysioProffe said...

I really like Brock's hair!

Timmy said...

HAIRman of the Board... I assume that was intentional? It's LOL funny, regardless!

John Serdy said...

Good to see you returning to your roots :)