Monday, December 29, 2014

Great Moments In Animation History: Friz Freleng Forgets Own Name

I just can't stop looking at fake cartoon "art" on eBay!

In July, I introduced you to my new favorite eBay seller, a vendor of vast amounts of fake autographs and doodles so improbable, so badly done and illogical, that even the most cursory glance would repel an intelligent collector like a crucifix would a vampire.

Well, "timetreats" is still at it, still shoddy and obvious as ever, and successfully selling thousands of dollars worth of fakes to... who are these people?

Take the example above: this was sold to a satisfied buyer just earlier this month.

In this case, the forger was so careless that he/she MISSPELLED THE SIGNATURE, and the buyer evidently didn't notice! "Frelenego." And let's not even get into the "quality" of the ballpoint pen chicken scratches we're supposed to believe came from one of the greatest draftsmen in animation history. Misspelled the signature!

I'm obviously in the wrong line of work.


Fearsome Beard said...

I shiver at the thought, those buyers probably vote.

LIBear said...
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LIBear said...

I am a close and personal friend of the artist known as Friz Frelenego and I take offense that you would confuse his signature character, "Wanda Ringeye the Squirrel" with "The Pink Panther". They look nothing alike as you can see in the picture. I demand an immediate apology and a follow-up puff piece offering the proper amount of genuflection to Mr. Frelenego's copious talent!

Bruce.desertrat said...

This is verging on Mr. 880 territory!

phillip miner said...

If you happen to think that comics are art (I do!) and you happen to think that superheros are a viable lens on which to view contemporary society (dibs on that as well!) You can buy fine, original recent drawings for very little (5-50) on the ebay, if you want want one that features overlarge breasts, ya pay extra for that, but geez with so much original stuff being produced, why not grab a hunk a that? Throw a little change to the working artist!

Fearsome Beard said...

Happy New Year!