Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Audioblogging: The Lemon-Fresh Pinetones Live, Che Cafe. San Diego, 1988

How to describe the Lemon-Fresh Pinetones? Garage rock for demented hillbillies? Industrial music for hippies? Improv jazz for nihilists? A Bluegrass-Krautrock hybrid? Acid puppet show soundtrack? Maybe a little of all of that and... well.... less?

This was a fun evening at the Che Café at UCSD, because it was our night completely. The bill included four bands: the three-piece Pinetones plus each member's other band. Everybody there that evening knew what they were getting into, so it was a receptive audience. My part of the night's entertainment was the worst-ever solo performance I ever did, excruciatingly bad and will not be posted publicly. But it was fun!

The Pinetones, however, were good that night! We ranged from the low-tech space music of the first third, to some noisy rock songs, such as our heavy metal parody (it's supposed to sound that way) Heave No Evil, and then the whole thing just collapses into really weird noise, aimless meandering, and occasional bursts of melody as our improvisational power more-or-less vacates the premises before we stop playing. It's all just electric guitar, primitive drums, piano and synthesizers. sound effect tape-loops, and some surprising vocals, plus an unexpected diversion into I Want Candy.

I thought the Lemon-Fresh Pinetones were really good. I still think the first 20 minutes of this show is really good. You can download this live show here (287mb)

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