Sunday, August 10, 2014

Audioblogging: Billy Watson's Beef Trust C60, 1985

As you can well imagine, there weren't a lot of experimental musicians in Tucson, Arizona in 1985. There was my band, PS Bingo, and... well, one other person, who went by the name 37 Pink. It was inevitable that we would end up collaborating.

37 Pink was very active in the 80s industrial cassette and 'zine underground until he vanished without a trace (self exile, long story, not mine to tell) in the late 80s. He produced several excellent tapes on his homegrown Greyscale label, some fascinating collage publications, and had mail-art pals all over the world.

37 Pink invited us to collaborate on a cassette release, and it was an interesting project. He gave Joe Humble and me some tapes of "raw" sounds he had produced, and we did the same. The three of us separately worked on each others' material (Joe and I, interestingly, did not work together), and then we handed them all back to him to subsequently mix down into the cassette uploaded here. Here is the original cassette cover:

The result is surprisingly listenable, save for the second track, for which I bear sole responsibility (you may wish to skip over that one). The sounds range from found porno film soundtracks to lovely guitar passages, mysterious voices, mashups of instruments and industrial noise, etc., all in little bite-sized chunks. I like this tape a lot.

The 95mb zip file can be downloaded here


Anonymous said...

I like the PS Bingo cover.

Peteykins said...

Well, I did the old front cover, too. So it's more like the 2014 cover as opposed to the 1985 xeroxed cover.

That's Maria Montez in a publicity still from the amazing Cobra Woman.