Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Final Dregs Of Operation American Spring

The photo above, taken today at lunch, shows literally all that remains of Operation American Spring: eight dudes and two Gadsden flags.

After their first day's dismal turnout, the organizers swore that SO MANY more people would join them (they didn't). Then they pinned their hopes on the "Rolling Thunder" rally, certain that all the bikers would cozy up to their cause (they didn't).

So now, I suppose, they're just biding their time until their return bus tickets are valid.

My prediction for tomorrow: three guys with Benghazi wrist bands.


LIBear said...

Sire! The people are revolting!

Anonymous said...

if you want to see something really funny, a clever prankster convinced the organizer of this event to make him an admin on the Operation American Spring III Facebook page. Then he booted out all the crazies and started posting hilarious goat pictures. It's an open page now where goatsters are posting all kinds of mayhem. I love a little merry subversion.