Friday, April 04, 2014

Fashion Victim: Incredible Journey

Sometimes I think my wardrobe leads a more exciting and glamorous life than I. I recently ordered the pictured camouflage sport coat by Dries van Noten, and my goodness, that thing is taking the most extraordinary route to get to me! It started in Bentivoglio, Italy, and then took a quick trip to Bologna, and then onwards to exciting Milan (how could a fashionable jacket skip Milan?). From Milan it headed to Germany, hitting first Nuremberg, and then Cologne, before finally getting on a plane for America. But not so fast! Why go directly to DC when there are more sights to see? Indeed, it's first stop was Louisville, Kentucky (?), and then, for some reason, Rockford, Illinois. Presumably at this point the jacket started to feel it was neglecting its new owner, so it reluctantly headed for Linthicum, Maryland, hopped the short distance to Landover, and now, supposedly, it's on the truck and on its way to my house, UNLESS its wanderlust returns and it decides to take a detour to... I don't know... I've heard Montana is nice!

This coat is going to be SO disappointed with its new life.Still, though, the fact that it passed through three Italian cities without getting lost is extraordinary, as anyone who has dealt with their postal system is sure to know.

UPDATE: The wayward couture is now in my loving arms, and I'm pleased and relieved to report that it fits like it was tailored just for me. All this goes to show that you cannot go wrong with Belgian fashions (although you may go broke).


Unknown said...

I think it's last ditch effort by the jacket to enjoy a life of anonymity in it's wrapping before dying thousand deaths by being seen in public.

Have you grown the requisite "Duck Dynasty"-esque beard to go with the camo sport coat?

Peteykins said...

Believe it or not, yes, I have an EPIC beard now.