Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bloomberg Trolls Gay Aaron Schock

Ha, ha, poor Gay Aaron Schock™ just can't catch a break. BloombergBusinessweek, the most awkwardly named online publication (why not BloombergBusinessWeek?), just published a totally even-handed look at the Peoria GOP representative. It really is interesting, and a great summary of what kind of Republican Schock is, how he operates, etc. He's not a Tea Party conservative, he's pragmatic on immigration, he's an enthusiastic, productive and generous fundraiser... honestly, on a scale of 1 to Ted Cruz in Republican horribleness, Schock only rates about a 2 or 3. So, like I said, the article is objective, informative, nothing gossipy or wink-wink about it.

But then, ha ha ha, Bloomberg goes and makes the whole thing hilarious with that photo choice and headline.

Because what could Gay Aaron Schock™ possibly have to hide? And where does he hide it?


Fran said...

Well of course they used that photo... it has Businessweek written all over it, especially on the abs. *sigh*

Nothing. To. Hide.

Wayne in CA said...

PSP, hon, it's not "trolling" if you post an incredibly flattering pic of your alleged troll-ee. One look at those delectable pecs, and I thought, "maybe I COULD vote republican." What if Mitch McConnell looked like G.A.S.?!? And those nipples...sorry lost my train of thought

The Cat's Meow said...

This is PhotoShopped, right?

Anonymous said...

You failed to mention his horribly anti gay voting record and statements against the LBGT community. He's a disgusting closet case hurting us all.