Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Blaze: Come For The Racism And Conspiracy Theories, Stay For The Animal Attacks!

I've kind of gotten hooked on Glenn Beck's The Blaze website. I mean, where else are you going to get SO MUCH White grievance and graphic footage of a shark attack, AND graphic footage of a crocodile attack?


HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

Yes, I sometimes watch Glen Beck too! It's fun to hear the cazy spew from his mouth, but its even more fun to put him on mute and watch him flail about in silence especially when he's using props. My favorite episode from his Fox show was when he had a cup of punch and a Twinkie on his desk, and he was pointing and shouting at it for a good five mins. No idea what his argument involved(again, MUTE) but I'll never forget that.

Comradde PhysioProffe said...

How does Al Sharpton keep looking better and better as he gets older? It's very impressive.

nixiebunny said...

I'm a fan of those "what those numbers really mean" conspiracy theories, because they're so easy to debunk just by looking at the document that shows what the numbers mean.
My favorite was hen a guy told me that the barcodes on your mail below the zipcode indicate who you voted for in the last election. Well, if that's what your zip code signifies, then I guess he was right.