Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Art Collection: "Nancy" Daily Drawing By Ernie Bushmiller For New Year's Day, 1959

(Click for bigger!)

Nancy dailies don't get much better than this! The joke is corny, as always, but the gag construction is perfect, meticulous. For some reason, original drawings by Bushmiller from the 50s and early 60s are scarce, so this was a lucky score from Heritage Auctions.

I think my favorite things about it are in the first panel (no, not Fritzi's breasts): the way Nancy's word balloon goes "around the corner," and that incredibly subtle yet compositionally crucial black bar in the upper left. And... well, hubba hubba, Aunt Fritzi!

Some details:


J. Matt said...

The tree with snow on it looks like a nose with a mustache.

OWG said...

Wonderful stuff. Aunt Fritzi is/was always so hot; that always added to my Nancy experience in a not always comfortable way. But certainly an intense comic that I always looked forward to!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing the fine inking, and that the cross-hatching is done by hand. Plus Nancy has a full ten toes!