Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gingrich Meets With Condi. This Can Only Mean OMG Condi Veep Rumors!!!

OMG, you guys! Newt went to Stanford today and talked to Condoleezza Rice! That's it, the whole story! Lucky for us, Felicia Sonmez at the Washington Post tacked on some Condi Veep Rumors™ at the end of the article to tantalize us.

Funny thing is, I'm sure that's exactly why Gingrich met with her, to either ask her to be his running mate (ew), or to at least fuel some Condi Veep Rumor™ speculation. The latter will certainly happen. Count on it!

It's been weeks since we've had some hot, fresh, totally unfounded Condi Veep Rumors™, so this is good.


Lulu Maude said...

Hot damn!

p.s. I don't like being asked to prove I'm not a robot. I never said I wasn't a robot.

smapdi said...

Maybe Condi and Callie-Lou wear the same size shoes? Think of the shopping trips and slumber parties they could have while Newt is off auditioning interns.

samael7 said...

Newt is . . . wanting to hitch his "star" to . . . Condi Rice?

I thought the last thing Republicans wanted the American Public(TM) to remember was George Bush.