Monday, October 24, 2011

Herman Cain's Ugly Tour Bus

Herman Cain steps out of his campaign bus for a rally in front of Michigan Central Station. Bill Pugliano / GETTY IMAGES

A lot of people –people like me– think Herman Cain's campaign is just a publicity stunt meant to raise his public profile and, by extension, his book sales and speaking fees. So it makes sense that his tour bus would be plastered with a gigantic Herman Cain head. Here, last month, is either the other side of the bus above or a different Herman's Head bus:

(Tjomsland Tyler / AP)

He's also pushing, apparently, Herman Cain Urine in a Bottle™:

(Washington Post)

Now you can test Herman Cain at home!


Babzter said...

Is that a sample or a drink?

Peteykins said...


Lulu Maude said...

The potty on the ugly tour bus is busted, and on long hauls, Herman has to make do.

Matty Boy said...

Drinking his urine can't be much worse than eating his pizza.

Not Enough Rope Not Enough Trees said...


The last several posts have been full of harpies, half-wits and has-beens.

PLEASE PSP - find us some Ursula.

Aunt Snow said...


samael7 said...

Herman Cain has failed the many tests I've already given him. He might actually stand a chance of passing this one, though.

Hur, hur . . . "passing."

TheFiftyStateBanana said...

When god gives you a urethra, he expects you to use it. See what's going on in Cain's bladder these days. Keep up on all the issues. Stay sharp, with a glass of his hot, stank urine, with a shot of juicy keytones making this stuff smell like brake fluid. EEEERK!