Monday, October 17, 2011

Herman Cain Has No Idea What A Neoconservative Is

This is the face of a very, very stupid man.

I haven't paid much attention to Herman Cain beyond being vaguely aware that he's a blowhard and obviously from the "know nothing" wing of the GOP. His appearance on Meet the Nation (or Face the Press or whatever) yesterday was a real eye-opener, though, because until watching it, I had no idea just how out-of-it he is.

It was bad enough that he trotted out lame concepts like "Liberals want to destroy America" and "I was joking when I said I'd erect a lethal electric fence on the Mexican border" or, hilariously, "I admire Clarence Thomas", but where David Gregory really unleashed a geyser of ignorance was when he asked Cain about the Neocons:

"I'm not sure what you mean by neoconservative," said Cain. "I am a conservative, yes. Neoconservative -- labels sometimes will put you in a box. I'm very conservative."

"But you're familiar with the neoconservative movement?" asked Gregory.

"I'm not familiar with the neoconservative movement," admitted Cain. "I'm familiar with the conservative movement. Let me define what I mean by the conservative movement -- less government, less taxes, more individual responsibility."

And he said this right after praising John Bolton! This, Pony Pals, is a complete disqualifier. This means, basically, that Cain has absolutely no idea what Goerge Bush's foreign policy philosophy was, and no idea why we declared war on Iraq. No clue!

But that's OK, because when pressed on his foreign policy, Cain simply said he'd hire people to figure it out for him. People like John Bolton.

It will be interesting to see how the Neocons react to this. Will they be offended at his ignorance, or, like Sarah Palin, will they salivate at the prospects of a new, unwitting convert (I'm guessing the latter)? Stay tuned to the Weekly Standard and Jennifer Rubin's blog at the Washington Post to find out!

UPDATE: Jennifer Rubin is confused, doesn't know what to think: "[He needs to] reject isolationism." The rallying cry of the Neocon!

UPDATE: Jennifer Rubin is no longer confused, knows what to think. She ended up posting three items in a row bashing Cain.


Fran said...

It is true - there is no hope in Dope.

Diane Griffin said...

In the linked article, Rubin notes the "Odd lack of follow-ups from David Gregory." I've been wondering where those follow up questions are for years. At this point, I would find it hard to describe these lapses as "odd," though really, it is odd.

Peteykins said...

Gregory's worst moment was when Cain admitted his tax plan would raise taxes on "some," and Gregory didn't immediately ask, "Who, for instance?"

Unknown said...

Cain outed himself as a simpleton already with his Revolution 9 silliness, so it is no surprise he's never looked beyond our borders either. I expect he'll be the veep choice.

Also, <3 farina ^^

Matthew Hubbard said...

Even Rubin realizes a 9% national sales tax is "regressive".

Admittedly, 9-9-9 is snappier than his earlier catch phrase of "no Sharia law', but it's going to lose some fans when working class people realize they are being nailed coming and going by something like a VAT, which is way too European to catch on here.

samael7 said...

Like Andy Sullivan sighed, I wish *I'd* never heard of neoconservatives either.

The Cat's Meow said...

Michele Bachmann's quip about "9-9-9" turned upside down is "6-6-6" was actually funny.

As for Cain, on top of everything else, isn't it "fewer" taxes? I think taxes on people can be counted.

As for the entire 2012 Republican clown college, I'd appreciate less tsouris.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, PSP, for reading WaPo* and watching "MTP" so we don't have to. Humorous to watch The Washington Establishment® struggle to find reasons why Cain isn't a one-way ticket to losing the election.
*Particularly Richard Cohen

Anonymous Bosch said...

This guy's some kind of captain of industry, right? The Emperor truly has no clothes.

Lamb Cannon said...

Has anyone actually seen a human answering to the name "Jennifer Rubin?" Her caricature is bizarre enough--but get the feeling that the columns are from a focus group, not a single individual.

If she is real, can PSP puh-leez get on the stick and display her hairdo irl? Enquiring "minds" want to know