Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Other Things Osama's Neighbors Complained About

(Screenshot via Mediasnack)

  • Woman who lives next door complains that bin Ladens would never sign for FedEx deliveries when she was out of town.
  • Local garbage man irritated that bin Ladens never separated their recyclables.
  • Nearby convenience store clerk annoyed by bin Ladens' constant use of large-denomination bills first thing in the morning.
  • Most residents around the block relieved they don't have to hear "Court and Spark" by Joni Mitchell played over and over again at top volume.
  • Neighborhood Girl Scouts didn't appreciate "overreaction" to cookie sale attempt.



sfmike said...

My favorite, of course, is "Court and Spark" being overplayed at loud volume.

dianegsocialist said...

Yeah, seriously. Blue is a much better album.

samael7 said...

He let his dogs crap on the neighbors' lawns too, I heard.

So rude. Death was too good for him.

Matty Boy said...

Did he have to have his old trucks up on blocks in the front yard for YEARS at a time? I don't think so.

Aunt Snow said...

They took ages between lawn-mowings, too.