Friday, May 13, 2011

Metablogging: Blogspot Slips, Falls, Hits Head On Bathroom Fixtures, Passes Out

You've probably figured out by now that Blogger/Blogspot has had major issues/failures in the last 24 hours. They announced that recent posts and comments were gone but that they hoped they would be restored. So far, that seems to not be the case, the two or three of my most recent posts have disappeared, including an absolute MASTERPIECE of Callista Gingrich fandom. Tsk.

Anyway, maybe those posts will reappear, but I'm not holding my breath. I'll probably be able to reconstruct them in whole or part. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Hey! The posts are back! Yay! Looks like the comments are gone, though.


HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

Ugh, let's just get it over with already and replace Blogger with Ashton Kutcher.

Matty Boy said...

You may also want to edit the labels of the returned posts. Weird symbols have been added.

Too bad the comments are gone. We were really having fun.

Peteykins said...

Ah, interesting, those labels apparently put the posts in their proper places.

samael7 said...

Oh, thank goodness. Both for the returned posts and the knowledge that I'm only losing my mind at regular speed, not the fast track.