Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A Couple Of Wire Photos From Egypt You May Have Missed

An anti-government protester swings a metal chain and holds a poster representing Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak saying "I understand!!", accompanied by words beneath reading "The killer failed", at the continuing demonstration in Tahrir square in downtown Cairo, Egypt, Monday, Jan. 31, 2011. A coalition of opposition groups called for a million people to take to Cairo's streets Tuesday to demand the removal of President Hosni Mubarak. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

Well... my goodness! A decapitated demon-vampire! Also, why not bring your baby to a violent, unpredictable, revolutionary demonstration? Even better, just think of your infant as a handy sign-extender when lumber is scarce:

A bonding moment!


Christopher said...

I'm so over Egypt. I'm still confused about why I should care. Why I should root for chaos and god knows what kind of right wing, theocracy will follow.

So please post more 1970s pop. I need that simple life.

Peteykins said...

Your wish is my command.