Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Here's This Condi Video Interview Thing!

So! There you go: Condi was actually able to name a Led Zeppelin song after claiming she loves "hard rock." She also bravely admits, "Of course, I loved Motown... Aretha Franklin... and the whole Motown scene." FYI, here's an abridged list of record labels Aretha never, ever recorded for: Motown.

But who cares, because it's CONDIBOOK DAY! The holy book has descended from above, and all is right with the world. Now, finally all Americans will know what it's like to be teen Condi, trapped in a locked room with nothing but a piano teacher for sustenance while terrible violent racism swelled right outside her door.

I can't find any credible reviews yet, just puff pieces, but then again, why, after all, should Condi journalism be any different today from any other day? I'll keep a lookout. Oh, and maybe I'll purchase and read the thing. Haw, I doubt it.


dguzman said...

Oh my gosh, I wish you could get a free copy so we could read it through your eyes!

Philip said...

Happy Condibook Day everyone!

Maddiane said...

Condi and I both like the same LZ song, and we are both fans of V. I hate sports, though. Yay!

Anonymous said...

OMG, when she said she loves the TV show "V" I thought how much she looks and talks like someone who could totally identify with the aliens! Is she one of them...?