Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Five Out Of The Six People In This Photograph Are In On The Joke

The pic above of Blago at the Chicago Comic Con comes via Talking Points Memo, but they don't credit the source (tsk).

But anyway, that's Blago posing with a gaggle of "Suicide Girls." What fun! I'm sure they used the magic words: we looooove your hair! And his hair is still terrific! And so are his jeans! And shiny black shirt! Oh, Blago, you make such a better celebrity/found object than you do a politician. Please don't ever go away. This is when it actually doesn't hurt to remember that there is an endless, endless supply of d-list television reality shows, because –too dumb to be a pundit and too uninterested in subjects other than himself– this will be Rod's venue from now on.

Bonus points to the black-haired Suicide Girl for "doing a Lynndie."


Matty Boy said...

If he's willing to embrace the reality TV circuit, his future looks bright. I'd go so far as to say "It's fucking golden."

j. frigg said...

"celebrity/found object" wins the morning! Also, too, is his a hair a bit deflated?