Monday, August 09, 2010

Fashion Victim: More "Word Knits," Circa 1970-75

Two cotton/poly knit fabric t-shirts, makers unknown. Click for bigger.

Here's two more excellent examples of the short-lived "word knit" trend of the 70s (previous example here).

I love striped t-shirts and "surfer shirts" from the 60s and 70s. They're usually easy to spot in thrift stores, but you've got to scan thousands of bland shirts to spot just one winner. The best ones tend to come from lower-caste department stores.

A really good patterned t-shirt can be a great alternative to wearing a tie.


Fran said...

*Get in gear*

Grrrr, now that is a look!

You need a label that says "where does he find them?"

Anonymous said...

Horrors unleashed. This photo reminded me that back in high school I had a halter top which I crafted in mandatory-for-girls Home Ec class from a similarly knit fabric. It was primarily green and had the words YES...NO woven throughout in white and yellow. At the time I thought it was delightful. What an odd memory to have come upon me unbidden.

samael7 said...


Thus the world stage was set for the eventual rise of the Village People.

felix said...

The get in gear word-knit t-shirt is amazing!