Monday, July 26, 2010

If Only

Sometimes somebody reads something wrong and creates something wonderful:
Aretha Franklin and Condoleezza Rice both would be coming behind the mike for a fund-raising event. Well, this news is absolutely true. The queen of soul would be teaming up with the former queen of the US state department at a concert in Philadelphia.

Aretha Franklin’s due [sic] with the former US secretary of state Condoleezza is what all and sundry are waiting sitting on the edge of the seat. This duet would be mesmerizing and will surely grab every eye and ear. Both are scheduled to perform songs like Natural Woman and Say a Little Prayer.

Well, ha ha, yes, that would be mesmerizing indeed. Unfortunately, while it is thrillingly true that Condi 'n' Aretha will be performing a duet tomorrow in Philadelphia, sadly, Condi won't be singing; she'll be tickling the ivories while Aretha handles the vocal duties.

But can you imagine? Try to imagine the Disneytronic Condibot belting out "Natural Woman" with Aretha.

The mind reels.


Anonymous said...

It's" I say a Little Prayer", not "Say a little Prayer". I was a senior in high school when Aretha was Queen of the World. i worshipped her, which was extremely uncool considering it was the golden age of acid rock and psychedelia. After 40 years, i am clearly vindicated!!!

Maddiane said...

They should be backed by Ralf and Florian. That is the onlly band I can imagine that can meld both sensibilities.

LIBear said...

I hope Condi wears a fabulous hat.

HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

This totally sounds like an SNL skit.

Matty Boy said...

Aretha is a great piano player in her own right. She plays on the original recordings of Think and Respect in that overpowering way a girl who grew up in a big old church should play. There's also a very sweet opening piano figure to her version of Sam Cooke's You Send Me.

This was done for publicity obviously, but she hardly needs Condi's skinny ass up on that stage.

cynic al said...

Dr. Shoes should hang out with Aretha for a week or two. See how the world treats someone of real achievement.
My kids, who grew up listening to R&B, were making fun of her hat at Obama's inauguration. I had to remind them that the only person in the world above criticism is Aretha.