Saturday, June 12, 2010

This Is Arizona: Martian Landscape

Photos by A.C. Huestis. Click for bigger.

More from Andrew's excursion to Cochise County, also known as "almost New Mexico."


Anonymous said...

But it all does not look like this. If you go to the Chiricahuahs near Portal you can see 9 different ecological zones in a 15 mile drive. I love Portal and Dragoon, the Cochise Stronghold...that is some beautiful country.....Sonoita and Elgin, Patagonia are all so beautiful.
Although Wilcox is a bit of Texas, they grow nice apples there..the Pink Ladies are outstanding.

Peteykins said...

Anonymous, I know. I mentioned that in one of the previous "This is Arizona" posts. My father and I used to frequently go camping in the Chiricahuahs. So beautiful. They were always my favorites.

And it's true that Arizona is full of astonishing, natural beauty. However, that's not where the people live for the most part.