Friday, June 25, 2010

Arizona Audioblogging: Meat Puppets East Coast Tour Highlights, 1984

Here's another "authorized" bootleg of the Meat Puppets, and this is a special one. Curt Kirkwood made this tape for me of his favorite moments of their first ever East Coast tour in Fall, 1984. Later he told me that all the original tapes were gone, so I may be the only person who has these recordings.

Sound quality varies greatly from section to section, and do not adjust your set, because the first 18 minutes of part 2 are left channel only. The music is similar to the live shows I've already posted, but it's heavy on the covers: "Dominique" by the Singing Nun (!) rears its head again, and there are no less than three Elvis songs. There's also a Grateful Dead tune (ugh) and one of the versions of "Hot Pink" morphs unexpectedly into "Tomorrow Never Knows" by The Beatles. Curt also shows a preference for some of the funnier and more chaotic moments, at one point declaring, "My name is Carol Burnett."

I have no idea where these shows were performed, but Boston is mentioned at one point.

It's just over 90 minutes, and the 130mb files are zipped up and ready for download here.


Karen Zipdrive said...

In the 70's I went to the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion in see Lily Tomlin's one-woman show.
I visited the ladies room right before the intermission and Carol Burnett entered the stall next to mine.
I passed her a sheet of toilet paper under the stall and asked for her autograph.
She whooped.

Anonymous said...

Here's an imperfect list...

The Meat Puppets
"East Coast Tour Highlights"
c. 1984

I: 46:47

1. Swimming Ground
2. Hot Pink [instr.- mainly]
3. Lake Of Fire
4. ? [monologue]
5. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear [at 15:21]
6. ? [at 17:00] [Boys (?)]
7. Hot Pink [instr.- mainly][at 18:42]
8. Oh, Me
9. Creator [instr.- mainly]
10. Swimming Ground [ends 30:21]
11. Move It On Down The Line (?)
12. ? [“Farther along…”] {…into}
13. Hound Dog
14. Oh, Me [at 41:27]
15. Got A Lot O’ Living To Do [cut]

II: 46:29

16. Walking Boss
17. Louie Louie
18. Route 66
19. Communication Breakdown [Led Zeppelin] [at 9:00]
20. I Know You Rider [The Grateful Dead]
21. Hot Pink {…into}
22. Tomorrow Never Knows [The Beatles]
23. ?
24. ? [at 28:48]
25. Dominique
26. ?
-Saturday In The Park [Chicago]
27. Move It On Down The Line
28. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) [at 39:20]
29. Walking Boss
30. ?

Neige said...

I was 2 years old for this tour (and I was in France) ! :o)
A BIG thank you to the anonymous for the tracklisting, but a BIGGER thank you to peteykins !!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these amazing snippets of audio ecstasy.
These would've been recorded on Black Flag's Spring 1984 'My War' tour. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing every one of these gigs of the band at their arguably creative peak. For me at any rate, this was the true essence of all things Puppets, and I truly appreciate the generosity shown by your sharing these.