Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ugly Tour Bus Photoblogging: Aggression Porn

Click for bigger, more IN YOUR FACE.

There was some kind of military confab on Constitution across the street from my work on Friday. I had to laugh when I spotted military/police supplier's wonderful and ridiculous touring vehicle parked out front. I mean... like I wasn't going to photograph that? The vehicle was slick, totally covered with collaged photographic images. Unlike many of the busses featuring photographic motifs I've shown here, often clumsily executed with insufficient-resolution photo sources, this one was really slick and beautifully well done. As you can see above, the images even covered the windows. Below, the entire front of the bus was covered with fantastically well-shot flames. As I said in the title, pure aggression porn:

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Anonymous said...

The best buses war profiteering can buy!