Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Quickie: Shorter Michael Gerson

The problem with the Washington Post's opinion pages isn't that it's filled with Republican hacks (although it certainly is), but that it's simply filled with politicians and careerist political staffers and hangers-on. I've been particularly impressed lately with former Bush speech writer Michael Gerson's newish weekly column, because it's consistently so tired, so talking-pointy, so inane it's breathtaking. Just to save you some time from reading his column today, here, as a public service, is my synopsis of his latest:

Tim Pawlenty is great. You should like him.

Neato, Michael. Here's my question: will Gerson end up working on Pawlenty's campaign, or is he already?


Scott in South Austin said...

From what I read Mikey wants to spoon with Pawlenty - lots of gushy phrases. Gerson makes me ill.

Bartman said...

And when the Post finally goes to a pay wall, it will be this kind of trash they protect.