Monday, May 24, 2010

Quickie: I'm With Them Two

OK, so let me get this straight so that I can keep up with the Republicans on the oil spill thingee: the Obama administration is bad because they came down too hard on BP, but now BP's poor performance demonstrates that the Obama administration isn't doing enough. So, in other words, Obama is simultaneously too aggressive and too passive. Do I have that right?

In other news, federal regulation is bad because you can always assume "the market" will do the right thing.

I'm ready for Monday!


Voters dressed in chicken costumes won't be allowed inside Nevada polling places this year.

Not this year! Oh, but next year it is ON.


Krugmanic Depressive said...

This year in Nevada, it's the year of the Red Panda. So, Red Pandas 2010, Chickens 2011, Rat 2012, and we'll go from there.

Matty Boy said...

It is very odd how political speech is protected speech, but not near a polling place on Election Day.

Kind of defeats the purpose, don't you think?