Monday, May 10, 2010

Quickie: Here's Your Measured Response From Conservatives Re: Elena Kagen

Just a few comments culled from that endless flame war, Fox Nation:

  • How does one get a position as high as this (in any capacity)? Answer: be a jew and/or a radical, a commie or in Obama's case a person of color. Obama would never nominate a white christian man or woman it would go against his bigot radical agenda. People of color get affirmative action (even tho it should be for african americans only) but the jews are not victims of affirmative action like the rest of us are.
  • I personally thing who ever sets on the court should have some judicial experience.
  • Java the Hut woman with the lizard tongue darting in and out of her mouth. How much more evidence do we need that this woman is sick evil??!!
  • Yes..another SHE MAN...just like Incompitano !

And it pretty much goes downhill from there. Happy Monday!


samael7 said...

Reading can be so educational and broadening.

Frank said...

Meanwhile, on the other side of the blogosphere, it mostly goes something like "She isn't a PROGRESSIVE! Why can't Obama nominate a PROGRESSIVE?!?? Another betrayal by Obama of PROGRESSIVES! Why won't he pick someone who will shoot Scalia in open court, like a true PROGRESSIVE would?"

Anonymous said...

Is FoxNation synonymous with T-baggers?

John said...

Stuck in my head now: "Won't you take me to Tuna Town? Won't you take me to Tuna Town..." to the tune of "Funky Town." Sigh.

coronaboomboom said...

If I look up the Fox Nation domain name, I'm going to find out it's registered to The Onion, right?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Seriously, were those comments actually made?
Tuna Town? Really?
That's not even slightly accurate. It's more like mild Chilean Sea Bass Town, which we all know is pretty damn scrumptious.