Thursday, May 20, 2010

Neocon Pretends To Like Rand Paul

Rand Paul gives his victory speech after winning the Senate Republican primary election in Bowling Green, Kentucky, at Bowling Green Country Club May 18, 2010. REUTERS/Jake Stevens

It is hilarious to listen to Bill Kristol telling David Weigel why he doesn't mind Rand Paul by describing him as not being everything he, in fact, is:

"He did a good job of being less like his dad -- seeming less 'out there' -- so if you were a normal Kentucky voter you thought you were voting for a Sarah Palin-like, anti-Washington figure, not someone who bought into the whole Ron Paul agenda."

Well, yes, they may have thought that, but that doesn't make it true, as seeming and being are not synonymous and, in this case, are actually opposites. Fun! Kristol continues:

"But to be fair to Rand Paul, there's a lot of distance between Rand Paul's agenda, which isn't exactly mine, and the caricature of nativism or isolationism."

A caricature of nativism and isolationism? I couldn't have described him better myself.

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Matty Boy said...

Is there a position that Rand takes that disagrees with his "out there" dad?

The only difference now is that the Tea Party crowd is talking about bolting from the Republicans, and certain amounts of servicing are in order to keep the marriage from falling apart.

Pucker up, Bill. It only lasts a few minutes, though the memories will linger much longer.