Monday, May 03, 2010

Arizona Republic Points Fingers At Everybody...

Photo by A.C. Huestis. Click for bigger.

...except itself, of course. But still, this weekend's must-read was the dependably Republican newspaper's blistering editorial, run on the front page, which blames all the Arizona politicians for punting on the issue for decades. Here's the part where they try, rather pathetically, to cover their own ass:

The Arizona Republic has been calling for comprehensive immigration reform continuously since 2002. For a brief time, our congressional delegation led the nation on this front. But no more.

See that? They're bragging that they've been "calling for immigration reform" ever since the good old days of... 2002. And we're all supposed to be impressed? Meanwhile, the paper has provided a steady soapbox to every Mexican-baiting Republican politician for decades. Be that as it may, it is satisfying to read the following paragraph on John McCain:

JOHN McCAIN, the one-time maverick and former champion of comprehensive immigration reform, also came down with a convenient loss of memory and principle. Facing a primary race against J.D. Hayworth, whose demagoguery on this issue is practiced and predictable, Sen. McCain became a man afraid of his own record. He locked himself behind a door marked "Do not disturb until the border is secure." Here's some straight talk the senator should understand: The border cannot be secured as long as the current irrational border policies remain unchanged.

"One-time maverick" LOL.


Fran said...

It is the bipartisan walk of shame, Arizona style!

Krugmanic Depressive said...

I like this new strategy of non-sequitur pix. It tamps down the rage the prose inspires.

bozofish said...

Oh, Sparkle Pony...this is the tragic kingdom'd, 'shroom-fueled pictorial stream of consciousness look at AZ, America's twisted Oz that I needed. I think Cranky McCain's spirit animal is jackass and the Lady Gov is still confusing portabellas with enlightenment.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I'm sure the politicians in Arizona wish the furor would die down, but I see it growing and festering like the infected boil it is.
I have friends in Europe who are asking me WTF is up with AZ's governor. She's an international embarrassment.

Peteykins said...

Karen, they're really reaping what they sowed at the moment. All the Arizona politicians thought they could just endlessly punt on immigration forever.