Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Junk Drawer: Autofellating Mouse

Click for larger. All photos by Sparklesibling™ Andrew!

When I visited Tucson a little while ago, I was impressed to see that a new Value Village had opened right next to Sparklesibling™ Andrew's casita. Knowing this would be my only chance to step back inside a genuine, wonderful Arizona thrift store, my old stomping grounds if you will, I forced my father to drop what he was doing and go shopping with us. This was unfamiliar territory for Dad, but he instantly warmed to the experience when he discovered the book section (when he started looking at clothes, we knew we had to get him out of there).

It's not the big OMGs, the major "scores" which make thrift shopping so great, it's the little things, like this baffling ceramic mouse salt shaker with a backwards-facing head. Andrew and I stared at it, mystified, groping for the knowledge to explain the existence of this strange object. Perhaps lightheaded from the spell cast by what we had already christened Autofellating Mouse, we moved on to flip through records.

I can't see you! My head is on backwards!

Later, as if finally waking from a trance, I emailed Andrew, panicky, urging him to return to Value Village to rescue Autofellating Mouse, surely still waiting on the shelf, casting his obscure spells. And success! He was still there! And here he is again, in all his glory, in his new natural surroundings at chez Sparklesibling:

There goes the neighborhood!


Christopher said...

Sparklesibling? You know I read that four hundred times (exactly) at Sparklesbling (the I was dead to me. DEAD to me.) And so then I Googled, and I've found a stylistic shift. On a post from 2005, Sparkles Sibling was two words. And then it all made sense. I'm not sure what this all means. But I thought I'd point it out.

Karen Zipdrive said...

You mean your brother is like you, kitsch-wise? God help us all.

Peteykins said...

Andrew's kitsch has a distinctly different flavor from mine, but I tend to admire his stuff and vice-versa.