Friday, February 05, 2010

This Is As Close As Republicans Come To Being Deadheads

Cashin' in! Well, why not? David Weigel is reporting from the big Teabag Convention™, and he photographed some truly weird teabag earrings by an event sponsor called the Tea Party Emporium.

Curious, I visited their web site, and this is some pretty... uh... Café Press type stuff, I guess. Except the earrings! I don't know; I'm not wild about them.

But here's my favorite product, Freedom Coffee –yes, coffee– branded with a cup of tea and a teabag that says "tea":

Bonus points, I guess, for the probably unauthorized use of the postage stamp.

Give me my Tea Party Freedom Coffee or give me death!


Karen Zipdrive said...

Those crazy bastards should be marketing Teabagger Kool-Aid.
And the earrings are ridiculous.
I hope Sarah Palin wears a pair during her $355 keynote speech.
Of course, they'll have to give them to her because she's not about to pay for them.

Fran said...

Those earrings!?!

I was hoping for a chai-party. Guess I am in for more disappointing.

hughman said...

that middle earring is where they stash their meth.

dinthebeast said...

I once worked with a truck driver who was both a republican and a deadhead... he also had a master's in political science from Stanford. He was a great truck driver/mover, but don't get him started about Reagan.

-Doug in Oakland

g said...

So is it tea or coffee? And is it American? AFAIK there is only one place in America that grows tea, in S. Carolina. And only one place in America that grows coffee - Hawaii.