Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sad Leif Garrett Update

We had a lot of fun recently reminiscing about Leif Garrett, but it looks as though actually being Leif isn't so hot nowadays:

Former teen idol Leif Garrett was busted on charges of possession of heroin on Monday, we can report.

The singer-actor and former Nicollette Sheridan flame was searched by Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies in a subway station just before noon, after a sheriff's spokesman said Garrett was "sweating and shaking profusely."

Released on a bail bond in the wee hours on Wednesday, the star is due back in court Feb. 24 to answer for the stash of black tar heroin that authorities say was hidden in his shoe.

Poor Leif. He really was a nice guy.


Matty Boy said...

I'm writing a new blog about tabloid headlines and stories that should have been tabloids headlines, but the tabs got scooped. This one was a scoop for the Los Angeles Times. Very sad.

If I can put in a small plug, this week's tabloid headlines are really good. If you try to keep all of them in your head and pretend they are all true, you get a little light headed, but in a good way.

stacy said...

It's also sad that he is now known as a "former Nicollette Sheridan flame."

Nixie Bunny said...

It's quite likely that a young star will end up in this sort of situation. They have so far to fall. Fame and fortune are seen as an end point in our society.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Like I said on Matty Boy's blog, that crap on his forehead looks like he was huffing spray paint.

dguzman said...

Why do they always have to turn into dopers?

Matty Boy said...

Obviously, Tiger Beat stardom is just a gateway drug to horse.