Monday, February 22, 2010

Junk Drawer: An Assortment Of Tucson "Punk" Flyers, 1980-1985, Part 1

Click all for slightly larger.

I wish I had saved more of these! I'll post the ones I can find squirreled away in various folders and notebooks. I drew in crayons on the one above, tsk. That's from 1980, and I only have vague memories of No Request, and none of Romeo.

The one above was drawn by Pony Pal™ Jeff, now the world's #1 Cindy McCain fan. I can't figure out the date for this one. 1982 or 1983 seems logical, but that would put the show on a Monday or Tuesday, which seems unlikely. I remember that Red Cross (later Redd Kross)always canceled whenever they played in Tucson, though, so that might explain it. All my friends and I worshiped Red Cross for being so trashy.

This is another one from 1980. There's Romeo again. The Serfers eventually moved to LA and became Green on Red. The Pills were a ghastly, horrible New Wave band who wore makeup and played awful, awful sub-Buzzcocks type pop junk. Oh, so bad. They tried really hard to "make it big."

This last one for now is from 1983 when, for a brief period of time, the University of Arizona mistakenly allowed chaotic local bands to play live at lunch for disinterested/befuddled/irritated students. Clean Dog were friends of mine, and were a great post-punk, post-prog noise rock band. That they never recorded an album is a terrible shame.

More to come!


Nixie Bunny said...

Man, those flyers bring back memories, like seeing the Violent Femmes in the Cellar. And Black Flag, or some similar big punk band.

Madduane said...

I remember teh Clean Dog show, it was freakin' awesome! I finally saw Redd Kross years later at UMass Boston on a hillside that's a parking lot now. They were really freakin' trashy, and funny as hell, too. Thanks for the memories!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I too wish I had saved flyers like that. Some of the ones I've seen were some of the best design ever.

Anonymous said...

Gosharootie! More "New Wave" flyers??! In the words of GWB "Bring 'em on!!!"

Any Fanzines?!

Peteykins said...

REVO, I have most copies of Howie Salmon's "Slit," but he's already republished them. See here.

Patrick said...

I remember the cellar shows. Sometimes music, sometimes comedy skits, and sometimes actually entertaining.

hooverific said...

The mistake was/is NOT letting more of those 'chaotic' bands into an institution ostensibly promoting advanced thought processes and not letting them in at all anymore.