Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Irony Alert

Remember? Remember how we laughed when McCain lost and all the right-wingers said that it was because he wasn't conservative enough?

And now all the lefties are saying Coakley lost because she wasn't liberal enough.

Amusing, no?


Madduane said...

Martha lost because MA Dems couldn't imagine her losing, and because she is completely lacking in charisma, and due to her appalling lack of a y chromosome.

Restingon Laurels said...

She also took a long vacation, in December. It's hard work!

snookums said...

better yet: she lost because *Obama* isn't lefty enough

drew in sf (via Android!) said...

She acted like a shoe-in. I would have had to hold my nose to vote for her were I in Mass.

Karen Zipdrive said...

She lost not so much because she wasn't liberal enough, she lost because she sat on her ass eating bon-bons rather than campaigning.
Just one more politician with an apparent sense of entitlement.