Saturday, January 30, 2010

Book Shelf: Dukes Of Hazzard Coloring & Activity Book, Part 2 Of 2

Let's continue with our badly drawn, incoherently plotted Dukes of Hazzard coloring book! Yay! I like this spread because it looks like Daisy Duke is looking in horror at the word scramble she's incapable of solving:

Remember how I said that this coloring book was a reminder of a time before computers gave hacks the ability to make something look halfway decent? That lettering above is a great example of that. Now the story lurches forward towards the denouement:

It turns out the oil found right next to the crashed car came FROM the crashed car! Who could have guessed?

Daddy Bear Duke is relieved while the deputy's extra chromosome causes him to contort with rage:

Meanwhile, always the types to gloat, the kids plan a party:

Draw Daddy Bear Duke! This is kinda funny, because the "squared for transfer" method is an old one, used by good artists as well as coloring book hack illustrators. Here's Arshile Gorky making use of the technique, and John Singleton Copley doing the same thing.

Square dancin':

And the lonely last page (the inside front and back covers are blank), that whorish old standby, the search-a-word :

The back cover is simply a labor-saving repeat of the front. Below, since Pony Pal™ Karen chastised me in the comments earlier for not coloring in any of the pages myself, my take on the lovely Daisy:

That was fun and wholesome! What will fall out of the book shelf next?

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samael7 said...

Your Lichtenstein-ing of Daisy made this whole trip worthwhile. More than, even.