Thursday, June 11, 2009

UPDATE: Fox Nation Decides to Cover the Holocaust Museum Shooting After All

There's been a terrible attack! An attack against Bill O'Reilly, Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh:

How awful that they have to suffer such anguish!

Let's look at just a few comments from Fox Nation's thoughtful readers, because honestly, it's just too easy:

  • Aint nobody responsible for the shootin but the evil man who did the shootin. Nobody has the right to take a life except the Lord. I may think the Jews would be better off back in Israel per the scripture rather then be in this country, but I would never approve of violence and neither would any other good Christian.
  • Maybe government should tone it down some - STOP RAISING TAXES!!
  • Fox is fair and balanced , they tell it like it is and if you are not used to thinking for yourself. I can understand way you think Fox News misrepresent the news. So go back to PMSNBC and they can tell you how to think.
  • the left-wing liberal media and their cronnies were responsible for "whipping up" the 9-11 attackers......
  • My wife feels the holocaust meuseum should be in Germany or somewhere in Europe,thats where the holocaust happened,she had no idea it was in DC.
    Why isn't it in Europe?
  • I was wondering what if ACORN paid this 82 year old nut case to commit this act of senseless violence so their boy,BO,could push through draconian anti gun legislation.

Oh, A++, last commenter, for bringing ACORN into this. Well done.

So anyway, mourn the slain guard if you must, but don't forget the REAL victim: Fox News.


dguzman said...

Princess, I must protest: all these posts, one right after another, featuring the comments of crazy people. It's just too much! I'm bloodied and bruised from it all!

desertwind said...

Too many creeps.

So little time.

Colette said...

Too many crazy people, for sure, but more to the point, too many ignorant, uneducated people, who wait for the nasties to do their thinking for them.

Statements like this: "Nobody has the right to take a life except the Lord", are proof positive.

Way to go Fox, the Anti-Human channel.

duchessglitternag said...

I must say that I, for one, am impressed with this feller. Not only did he spell "draconian" correctly but he used it appropriately (albeit overwroughtly.) He does, however, seem to be suffering the tragic consequences of Nomadic Punctuation Syndrome. On searching for the hyphen that had unaccountably vacated the space between "anti" and "gun" I found it in residence between "9" and "11", a space generally set aside for the vergule (ok, "slash".) Then, while totalling up the number of periods comprising the ellipsis at the end of that same line my eyes happened to reverse-scroll up to the embiggened phrase terminating the first graph and found it to be preceded by yet another wandering hyphen where a dash (at least) or a period (preferably) should reside. Tsk. Another tragic waste of a human grammar.
All in all though, I am inclined to give this somewhat uneven effort one... (Lifts hoof slightly. Totters. Falls over on side. Stays there.)