Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Coming Soon to Politico: Michael Steele Interviews Jonathan Martin About What It's Like to Interview Michael Steele

There's a barrier between author and subject at Politico, sure, but it's a barrier which takes the form of a highly permeable membrane, one which is easy to traverse. Today they're interviewing you, tomorrow you're interviewing Grover Norquist. Is it a daisy chain or is it the Ouroboros? Can't it be both? Politico loves, for instance, to report about Michael Steele, but sometimes, I guess, they get too busy and they just go ahead and give Steele a byline and let him say whatever. Today it's his list of talking points about –guess who?– Sonia Sotomayor. It is boring.

It turns out that, unlike other Supreme Court nominees, Sotomayor's record should be scrutinized. Closely scrutinized, even!


Anonymous said...

Close scrutiny! Because that distant scrutiny just won't get the job done! It's just like close proximity: you gotta get up close and personal. Scrutiny! Close!

Jenny said...

Oh my god, there he goes again with the "Empathy has no place in the courtroom" talk. yap yap yap.