Monday, May 11, 2009

It's Michael Steele's Dumb World; We're Just Living in It

There he is! Again! And again! You just can't avoid Michael Steele because he just keeps popping up everywhere, saying stupid things, going stupid places, meeting stupid people. This is why Michael Steele has gotten as far as he has: he is fluent in dumb.

First up, of course, is that tiresome variety show they put on every year for the president and his insidery press herd. And Michael, after being not-so-subtly insulted by Obama, who mocked his uncool-dad-trying-to-sound-cool way of using slang, was totally all, like, "He said my name! Did you hear him say my name?" Ha, not really literally that, but practically. "I appreciate the President giving me a shout-out." Michael? He totally said mean things to your face.

Other people are saying mean things about Michael, too! He accused all the right-wingers of being Mormon-haters, which of course they are, and now everybody, both on the left and on the right is basically flipping out that he was dumb enough to say these things out loud. And it's true that he's dumb to say those dumb true things out loud! Whatever.

UPDATE! The groveling for forgiveness:

"Chairman Steele regrets the way his comments have been interpreted. Chairman Steele believes Mitt Romney is a respected and influential voice in the Republican Party and looks to his leadership and ideas to help move our party and our nation in the right direction."

Haw. Pussy. I don't think your comments were really about Mitt Romney.

Finally, Steele on Coleman Conceding: "Hell no!" Steele on the possibility of an empathetic judge: "Craziness!"

Is there any end to this man's entertainment value? Unfortunately, yes, probably soon.


Toriko said...

Who do we want as the RNC chair? Do we want someone competent and sane? Do we want a extremely crazy torture keeps America safe, gays are the devil, brown people should give up their wicked religion type personality. Or do we want Michael Steel, a poor incompetent soul getting steam rolled by the right and the left?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Pony said, "Is there any end to this man's entertainment value? Unfortunately, yes, probably soon."

Oh, I doubt that, Princess.
See, getting rid of a dimwitted oaf of a party chairman would be a good idea.
The Republicans haven't had a good idea since they nominated Lincoln as their presidential candidate.

Anonymous said...

Fo sheezy.

Matty Boy said...

Karen, I'd like to remind you that Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican, though he left the party late in his career.

So there were admirable Republicans as recently as last century, not two centuries ago.

desertwind said...

We're in a recession!... He's gonna make them out and out fire him and stop the paychecks.

And. Also.

That still won't shut him up.

justlovely said...

Every day he stays is just an entertainment bonus for us. Plus, every day he stays possibly increases the number of people leaving the Republican Party. Which, of course, is the same thing.