Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wacky Right Wingers Want to Force Michael Steele to Call Democrats Socialists. This is Sure to End Well for the Republican Party.

Oh, dear, this one's really got Mikey in a dilly of a pickle: crazy state GOP heads a trying to force him to literally pronounce Democrats to be Socialists, like, engraved on a plaque or something:

Mr. Bopp, a constitutional law lawyer and hero to conservatives for arguing a Supreme Court challenge to the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law, said he had presented Mr. Steele with a petition bearing the signatures of RNC members from 16 states - the number needed under RNC rules to convene an extraordinary meeting of the full committee next month.

Mr. Steele has twice rejected requests by Mr. Bopp, who leads two conservative caucuses within the RNC, to call the special meeting.

The petition calls for open debate at the extraordinary meeting on three conservative resolutions that for the first time directly involve the RNC in policy and ideology.

"In just a few months, the goal of the Obama administration has become clear and obvious - to restructure American society along socialist ideals," Mr. Bopp said in summarizing the first resolution. The resolution's chief sponsor is Washington state RNC member Jeff Kent, and it calls on the Democrats to be "truthful and honest with the American people by renaming themselves the Democrat Socialist Party."

Haw, it seemed almost serious right up until the zinger at the end, didn't it? So, as you can see, the rivalry between the absolutely batshit crazy right wingers on one side of the GOP, and the pretend-moderates on the other side, is intensifying wonderfully.

Steve Bennen puts it best:

Putting aside the obvious fact that the president is not a socialist, and overlooking the evidence that these attacks haven't worked at all, what's striking is that these state Republican leaders seem to think the RNC hasn't been irresponsible enough in its rhetoric. As Oliver Willis noted, "It's worth pointing out -- again -- that this isn't some outside the party deal. This is the core of the party upset at their incompetent party chairman for not calling the President of the United States a socialist."

Bless this circular firing squad.


John said...

This is entertaining, but it also makes me think how lovely it would be live in a country where people perhaps knew the definitions of words. Socialism means, after all, public ownership of the means of production, something that Obama (like all mainstream American politicians) has steered clear of even when there's a reasonable argument to be made for it (such as in the case of large failing banks). I'm not advocating that, by the way, but serious non-socialist economists have.

Thank goodness for Republicans most Americans only understand "socialist" to mean "creepy, bad person who hates puppies."

Toriko said...

I feel very badly for actual moderate republicans who have had to put up with the hijacking of their party by a bunch of loonies. I despise the rhetoric that all republicans are retarded Bible thumpers and all dems are socialists. These claims are so silly they will side easily off the dems back, but they do huge damage to the credibility of the already tattered Republican party.

I want a strong two-party system with robust debate about important topics. Instead I get this -transparent attempts to discredit one party through name-calling.

Matty Boy said...

Can we force the Republicans to be honest and call themselves "The Cranky Old White People's Party Honeycombed With Closeted Homosexuals"?

I mean, if we are going to be honest, shouldn't it both ways? It's always a great and super fun idea to let your opponents define you!

TeleFrank said...

He Bopp, She Bopp, We Bopp.
I Bopp, You Bopp, They Bopp.

Lulu, the Dewey Dame said...

Mr. Bopp--a great name for a cartoon character. Or a dog that eats its own...

Never mind.