Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Condi Shocks World with Her Appreciation for Controversial Tiger Woods

(Reuters, 07-15-06)

You've probably heard this by now, but Condi's an author! Yay! The act of writing, as we learned yesterday from Bobby Jindal, is not the passion-infused obsession that it was once thought to be. Anybody with a few nights and weekends free can do it!

Thus, Condi "reported" on some golf game for the Tina Brown Thing. How did it go? Great! Condi was treated nicely by everybody, the course was beautiful, and Tiger Woods? He's really good! Um, the end. That's it! This is lightweight stuff even by the standards of 1. writing about Tiger Woods, 2. writing about Condoleezza Rice, and 3. writing for Tina Brown. God, I can't wait for her, like, twelve books to come; I'm sure they'll be equally compelling.

The comments on the article are hilarious. Some selections:

  • You have got to be freaking kidding me here, Tina Brown.
  • Will this woman NEVER get laid?
  • The really icky part is that she seems to just be bragging about who she knows in the golf world. Who cares?
  • This is like a hack job from SNL!


carol said...

I guess the word 'condoleezza' can continue being another term for 'accomplishing nothing'.

Matty Boy said...

Breaking news! Many golfers are "really nice guys"! The Augusta Country Club is also nice!

She's a sports fan, so I can't forgive her for comparing Tiger faltering a Joe Montana miscue in the Super Bowl. Tiger has faltered before. Montana never screwed up in a Super Bowl. I don't know if she's a baseball fan, but Mariano Rivera losing to the Boston Red Sox in the playoffs would be a better comparison, because that actually happened, unlike her imaginary bad game by Montana in the Super Bowl.

dguzman said...

No, she will NEVER get laid. She's the ??-old virgin.

And I'm steamed about her Montana comparison too! NO ONE disses on Super Joe, baby!

Karen Zipdrive said...

I think KoKo the gorilla may have a more creative vocabulary.

puravida said...

What?! A "humor" column about golf and no reference to Bill Murray?

For shame, Condi, for shame.

sfmike said...

Ugh. "In the end, it was Angel Cabrera and justice for Robert De Vicenzo. It was also a great moment for Argentina—a country with terrible politics and wonderful people." I can't believe this miserable, torturing enabling bitch has the gall to write that last sentence, or have her "assistant Anne" write it for her.

I watched The Masters on TV all weekend while working on the computer and was rooting for the fat, old Argentenian from day one and actively cursing half the people who are all Condi's newest, bestest friends in professional golf. She really is the poster child for the Banality of Evil, and so is Phil Mickelson.

Lulu Maude said...

Don't cry for me, Condoleezza...

g said...

And I got to play a little bit part: A golfer hit his ball over the green and they needed a foot (a human foot) to hold down the rope and produce space for his chip. My foot was there and I happily stood on the rope.Inquiring minds want to know - was she wearing Ferragamos?

Anonymous said...

This appalling, mindless, pycnogonid-like creature will do anything to advertise herself in order to make up for her intellectual vapidity.

I submit this as a blurb for her next "book."