Thursday, April 02, 2009

Michael Steele Gets Freelance Writing Gig, Laments Departing Republicans

It was kind of a bittersweet day for Mikey! On the one hand, he got to have a byline on Politico (fun!), but on the other hand he had to endure a super-awkward moment with Mike Bloomberg (not fun!).

The thing at Politico is totally for-reals weird because they basically just let Michael Steele publish a press release from GOP headquarters. Why would a news organization do that? Is it because all the staff writers finally got sick of "reporting" about him and decided it would be easier to just go ahead and hand him the mike? I mean, for weeks I'd been thinking that Politico was weirdly obsessed with Steele, and when they eventually published five stories about him in the course of a single morning, I knew I was on to something. But then they turn around and give him a byline? Wow! Blur those lines, Politico!

OK, but anyway, Steele's article. It's really funny! He says that yesterday's election in New York proves that people are starting to hate Obama. You know, the election which is pretty much tied. Look, I don't understand it either. It must have been fun for Michael to write about this for Politico! One word of advice, though, Mike: whatever you do, don't read the comments on your article. They are so brutal. OMG, whoah. So mean!

The other thing today was that Mike had a meeting with Michael Bloomberg and then had to tell him the RNC won't, duh, give money to him because he totally left the party. It can't hurt to ask, I guess. Sounds uncomfortable! Here's Mike's description of this tense meeting, truly the stuff of legendary statesmanship and eloquent verbal sparring:

Steele told reporters afterward that during the event he chatted with Bloomberg. “I asked him how the city was running," Steele said. "He said 'pretty good.' He asked me how the party was going. I said, ‘Eh, we’re working on it.’”

The people present must have been totally dazzled. Also, Steele lamented that "it always bothers me when someone leaves the party." Aw, don't be sad, Mike! You'll get used to it!

UPDATE: the Washington Times reports this morning (Friday) that mean Republicans who don't like Michael Steele are trying to force him to have a meeting with them so that they can be mean to him face-to-face.


Madduane said...

I love that this has been up for almost a whole day without any comments.

Karen Zipdrive said...

How many ways can we say Steele is a douche bag?